Monday, February 04, 2008

Down By the Railyard

This is a bit confusing: I know I've been out taking photos of the old Pullman Yards before, but I don't seem to have ever posted the pictures. So this morning, trying to keep post-Super Bowl lethargy from gluing my still-sick ass to the couch, I went over to the nether lands between Atlanta and Decatur to get my old building fix.

The Pullman Yards have existed in a limbo for some years now. The buildings date back to the early 20th century -- the Atlanta Preservation Center has a bit on them. A bunch of plans have been put forth -- no one's decided anything, though. As it is, the yards are being used for some uncertain purpose (yes, I could probably look it up) while the buildings molder.

All the below pictures were shot through a fence -- if I'd felt snoopy I could have got some much better stuff, but sick + didn't get enough sleep last night = lack of ambition.

Kind of stealing my own thunder here -- Phreakmonkey has been to Pullman a few times, and actually went in -- and got loads of cool stuff.

* * *

I planned to do a Super Bowl post last night, but was too tired when I got home -- and today, all I can muster up is "that was a mighty fine match, sirrah!" or something. So screw it. Instead, I give you the coolest thing I've seen recently (link swiped from Boing Boing).

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