Sunday, January 27, 2008

Your Excuse

From BLDGBLOG -- all of a sudden I have all sorts of new excuses for lack of writing:

A British novelist has been awarded legal damages in excess of £100,000 because she writes thrillers, not literary masterpieces. What's at fault? She's been inhaling fumes from a nearby shoe factory.

I figure I've got all sorts of lawsuit options now -- for instance, I obviously draw inspirations from old run-down buildings, but Atlanta turns them all into condos (which then sit empty, and will be old run-down buildings again in a few decades). Or maybe I'll file a suit because I live next to a bar -- is there anything more damaging to productivity than that?

* * *

I'm on vacation again, the annual birthday and Super Bowl and relaxation week off. Thus far, I've accomplished little (see above for possible reasons!), not even taking photos of old buildings -- I went down to Atlanta's West End to take some photos yesterday, and ha ha, my camera's batteries were dead when I got there. Another time.

Haven't been reading books, haven't been taking pictures, haven't been writing, haven't been exercising -- I'm hard-pressed to establish just what it is I have been doing. Well, up 'til Thursday, working a ton. But now, new era, new motivation. It begins now, to coin a phrase.

* * *

In lieu of me doing anything: amazing photos and video of a Namibian ghost town being reclaimed by the desert. Link via Boing Boing.


vakfan said...

To smile like Thomas Gottschalk on those austrian stamps would be a good excuse as well.

Ice Cream Jonsey said...

I understand where the writer is coming from. I, for instance, was forced to write bad Java instead of thrillers, and the defendant in this case would be my own socks.