Monday, January 07, 2008

We Hardly Knew Ye

I haven't written as much about football this season as last year, for a few reasons -- I've been working every Sunday (and thus, have been sober every Sunday), I've had a lot of things take precedence over sports the last few months, and the Buccaneers were winning, which is somehow less fun to write about.

More fun to watch, though, which makes the rather sudden playoff flameout kind of hard to take. Seems like I didn't even have time to get really excited about the playoffs before they were bounced. Today's first quarter was fantastic -- the rest, a slow, dull descent into despair.

I'm freed up to calmly enjoy the rest of the football postseason now, much in the way that a lobotomy patient doesn't fret about much. I don't really have much feeling for any of the other teams -- I'd even get a kick out of seeing the Patriots, suddenly America's most hated, run the table. It's all the same to me now.

* * *

In other sports news, a question for Vakfan... has hero to millions Tomas Kloucek been suspended? I see that he apparently picked up five and a game misconduct against Usti nad Labem, and then doesn't show up in the next boxscore -- but my laborious attempts to translate the Czech stories word-by-word aren't getting me anywhere. Is TK too tough for the Extraliga?

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vakfan said...

me much busy. me very work. Kloucek recieved a game penalty against Usti, which means an automatic one game suspension. (he checked somebody in the head). Kloucek is surely a though customer for the Extraliga, and a lot of players returning from North America have those problems.