Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Snow Day

It's purportedly snowing outside -- unfortunately, I'm stuck inside windowless work, missing it. While I'm all for the recent nice weather, I get a bit homesick for a good snowy day.

It's been a few years now since we had a good Georgia winter storm. Every few years, we'll get socked, and it's kind of fun -- it's a change, at least, and much better when it happens once every few years rather than twice a winter.

The last major one I can think of was January of 2005, when we got nailed by a major ice storm. Solid ice on my (then-brand-new) car, streets and sidewalks impossible to navigate. When the sleet started coming down, I escaped next door to Atkins Park for a bit, to get a last fortification before I was house-bound.

I ended up next to a hunched, put-upon fellow, who soon started telling the bar at large that he had been sent out to buy firewood. By his "bitch of a wife," he soon elaborated. The grumbling about the wife soon escalated into a full-blown crazy man drunken rant, as he downed drink after drink (occasionally reminding us that he was supposed to be buying firewood). The wife anger apparently shifted to the bar staff as well -- he ordered food, then when it arrived, angrily denied that he'd ever ordered anything. Fun guy all around.

Then his cell phone rang. "Oh, hi, honey," in a sweet/powerless voice. "I'll be back soon!"

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