Friday, January 18, 2008

Memorial Drive

(and surrounding areas)


Tapeleg said...

When I get to Atlanta, I wonder what my tour of the city will include. Just a few months away.

gsdgsd13 said...

When do you get here, anyway? March?

Your tour will constitute abandoned buildings, Phillips Arena, and Manuel's. Repeat 20 times. By the time you get out of Atlanta, you'll be screaming "take me back to Detroit!"

Tapeleg said...

I will never scream that phrase.

I get to Atlanta for a few days around March 22nd, then back for five weeks starting March 31st. I hope the Vortex is involved.

nick said...

you were right near mi casa with this one... and we almost took the same picture... check the last one i took here.

Brushback said...

Man, I dig photos of old buildings.

I especially like the one of the building that has Pat Dubar's face on the side.