Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Hey, two posts in one day!

One of the things that Atlanta does for me: no matter where I go after this, I'll be a little bit content, because no matter what, the public transportation will be better wherever I go.

I see your smirk. "What about Baghdad, smart guy? What about Kabul?"

Well, I doubt I'll go to either, but I still bet it'll be better, ok? I did my once-a-year MARTA ride back from the airport the other day, and it was predictably stupid and hellish, but it did provide one benefit: glimpses of some oddball things from the elevated railroad track vantage.

The above graffiti -- "Last days has begun!!!", if it's too hard to read -- caught my eye. This morning, blowing my nose was losing its appeal, so I went out to try to track that down and some other stuff I'd noticed.

This building is kind of interesting just for the detail -- look at the work on the entry-way. Some web searching indicates it was most recently an auto repair shop, but that's kind of fancy stuff for a car place. It doesn't look occupied now, but I'm often bad at determining such things. The "PTC" (far as I can tell) dates to the early '80s -- the building itself was (according to records) built in 1942. There's some notes about a rezoning application for the property dating back to last summer, but they're pretty mind-numbing legalese and added nothing to the details I've got. I'm curious as to what it was originally.

Always dig the signs, you know. This part of town is pretty heavy on the repair shops.

This architectual style (which I've dubbed "sort-of Alamo-like") is kind of common in town (always on car/electrical places) -- I've never seen it anywhere else that I can remember.

For one of the first times ever, I was a little bit nervous shooting these pics -- not sure why, because there wasn't really anyone to be seen. Perhaps it was the sheer desolation, perhaps memories of the guy who yelled at me for taking photos of a not-actually-abandoned house. Perhaps it was because I just recently started watching "The Wire" and most of this area would fit right in there.

Now this was the other thing I saw from the MARTA train, and I'm afraid I'm nowhere near capturing just how weird it looks. A giant spiky turquoise silo. I'm guessing it's an art studio of some sort -- there's some large industrial sculptures in a neighboring yard (see the bottom of the picture) but I didn't see any signs, and places to park were scant. A quick search indicates that there are indeed a lot of art studios along Murphy, but none seem to match up to this thing.

The swordfish seems inordinately happy for someone who's about to be fried and eaten.

Ghost signs! Doesn't look as good as real life, but I'm surprised I've missed a specimen this good for so long.

Probably a year from becoming new condos.

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Ice Cream Jonsey said...

What about Hiroshima, circa 1945? Hmm, smart guy? What THEN?