Saturday, January 19, 2008

Greetings From DeathStorm 2008

Ok, not really, but the city's shutting down -- I just spent a few hours hunkering down at Manuel's, and the TV is entirely devoted to a listing of what's expected (snow 'til 9pm) and what's closing down (everything, including the meeting of some high school's 1961 alumni group). The BARRY MANILOW concert was canceled, so you know it's serious. In Colorado, this would be a pretty average winter day, so it's kind of amusing -- but since no one here is accustomed to snow, and can't drive on the clearest day of the year, it's a bit more serious. Thankfully everything I need (read: bars) is within walking distance.

Notes from a bar, vol. 1: they were flipping through the TV channels (up-to-the-minute weather reports got tiring) and the description of one show read, in total, "A man is sucked into a jet engine on an aircraft carrier." I didn't catch the show name, but that constitutes must-see TV.

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