Thursday, January 31, 2008


With a hearty GNNOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRK I welcomed my 35th birthday this morning, deep (again) in some horrendous terminal illness. I saw "Atonement" the other night and I think I'm about as charming as the scene of the wounded from Dunkirk, where everyone's expelling ugly-looking fluids from every orifice. Since, of course, nothing's going to stop me from drinking tonight, I would presume that 35 years and one day will be the extent of my time on this planet.

Haven't done much with vacation, which is no bad thing. Part of it's been because the last few days have been sorta illness-dominated, partly because I'm just relaxing, partly because it's been pretty cold and it's hard to get yourself up to go and take pictures of old buildings when it's 35 degrees and windy.

I did see a few movies -- "Scarface" and "Atonement," sort of opposite ends of the spectrum. "Scarface" is kind of ridiculously fun (I've started to watch it before, but, uh, I was always really drunk), quotable in that cult film way, over-the-top violence that seems cartoonish now. "Atonement" was beautiful and sad as hell, some gaping holes in the plot but with good performances, and for a two-hour-plus movie, it zipped along.

Also have gone out to see a fair amount of hockey, last night's Thrashers-Penguins game and Sunday's All-Star Game. At the latter, while wandering around aimlessly before the game, some guys doing a radio show loudly proclaimed my jersey (HC Velvana Kladno, '99-'00) the best they'd seen all day. Sadly, that was probably my greatest achievement of 2008 to date.


Nanuk of the North said...

Happy Birthday Greg.

Did you ever keep a record of how many colds you get in a year? Seems like a lot.

Tapeleg said...

You're so old, you're... as old as me.

I will raise a glass of Czechvar in your name tonight. They sell it by the case here in Pittsburgh

gsdgsd13 said...

Nanuk -- yeah, I don't have the hardiest constitution (owing in part to pneumonia a few years back). But last year I was really pretty healthy. This year? One month, three colds. Ugh.

Tapeleg -- as you drink the Czechvar, make sure to think about those who can't get it. Like me. Sniff.

vakfan said...

Happy Birthday Post Pessimist!

As for your cold:
Take a hot bath and drink a bottle of ice cold slivovice withing 30 minutes. You should feel fine the next moring. (Don´t forget to get out of the bathtub in time!

Tapeleg: If you ever get your hands on a beer named "Platan" try it, maybe the best czech beer around.

Today´s word verification:
Huge, I will call my next cat that way.

Brushback said...

Nice post title. I thought "35" was the name of an HBO documentary about Rafael Palmeiro. Perhaps I'm wrong?