Monday, December 03, 2007

Something I've Never Seen Outside of Atlanta...

...people who try to negotiate the price of groceries.

I haven't seen it often, but I have seen it several times over the years I've been here -- and I haven't seen a single incidence anywhere else. People will try to haggle with the cashier, in an attempt to get the price lower.

Does this ever work? I've never seen it work. I'd imagine large grocery store chains are pretty set in their ways. But you'll still see people trying to get a deal on their bag of Doritos or whatever.

It's kind of interesting to watch. Unless you end up in line behind the haggler, in which case it just sucks.

* * *

Those who live and die by my plumbing drama will be relieved to know that the plumber came out today, my sink once again drains as sinks should, and all for the low, low cost of $165. Plus my pipes are apparently so bad that I need them to be completely replaced, which will cost several hundred more dollars. Time to resume the male prostitution side gig.


vakfan said...

earning money for new pipes by cleaning someone else´s? Doesn´t make sense to me...

Brushback said...

Didn't you already mention this once?


If this proves anything, it hopefully proves that I'm an astute reader of PPA.

gsdgsd13 said...

Um. Err. Holy cow. I don't have any recollection of that post. I've always had a pretty good memory, but obviously that's fading.

Next post: hey, have you guys heard about this "Tomas Kloucek" guy?

Brushback said...

Hey, it's a funny story anyway, even if it's the second time around.