Wednesday, December 19, 2007

An Old Friend

Post-work, went out drinking with Fidel tonight, and somehow bourbon got offered up to us. I don't drink much bourbon, so unsure how that happened.

The bourbon in question was Bulleit -- which played a major part in one of the finest nights of my life, an unpublished bit of fiction, and really, my growth as a man.

This was probably the first time since the bourbon tasting (or at least since we all finished off our complimentary bottles of Bulleit from that night) that I'd had the stuff, so it's a momentous occasion indeed. In fact, I don't think we're going too far to say that it's obviously some sort of sign.

Of what, I'm not sure.

(It tasted great.)

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Cho Choo said...

I have been a lurker chcking it out week after week and it great !!
Im am from NJ El Diablos VIVA
but i got caugth up in the blog an here is mine contibutions are goooood thanks