Friday, December 28, 2007

Colorado Über Alles

(pretend there's a picture of snow and mountains up here -- genius me forgot the digital camera USB cord)

Back in the homeland, world of sharp clear air, thick snow, and family. It's a cliché but I feel the stress draining away. No time off since August and these last two months have been Sisyphean -- being back in Boulder, even for a few days, feels like a hot bath at the end of a long day. I've got a week and two days now to avoid thinking about work and world news, and I intend to take advantage.

I'm ready for 2008. There are few people in my circle of friends who would consider 2007 a good year on a personal level; it was a drain for me, and worse for most others. A friend recently commented "I'm not a superstitious man, but this year is cursed." It's been a lot of wasted opportunities on my part. So many things I wanted to accomplish; so few actually accomplished. The blog has reflected that; it hasn't languished because I don't care about it, but because the bottom has dropped out of the Greg's-creativity market.

So new year, new opportunities, new Klouček jerseys.

* * *

Two quick books: #51 -- "The Total Penguin" by James Gorman, and #52 -- "End Zone" by Don DeLillo. I've always been a penguin fan, since early childhood -- I used to tell girls that it was because they sort of reminded me of me, being a little bit clumsy, a little bit proud, a little bit charming. Eventually I realized that's a pretty damn weird thing to say to a girl, and I stopped. Someone bought this for me years and years ago; it's kind of a coffee table book, but with more text than normal. Bored a weekend or two back, I read it. It is, indeed, all you need to know about penguins, and Gorman's a funny guy. Enjoyed it. Feel I know a bit more about penguins now.

I first read "End Zone" back in college, I think, and was suitably impressed. Now, it seems a little forced -- a lot of the heavier stuff is just eye-rolling. Pretty funny (I probably get DD's humor a lot more now than I did when I first read this) but not the intellectual juggernaut I once thought it was. Also notable as one of the few good works of fiction relating to the game of (American) football -- Elwood Reid's "If I Don't Six" (extra points for the Mule reference) and Dan Jenkins' "Semi-Tough" are the only others I can think of.

* * *

Link note: my brother has started a blog of his own, MidAdopter. It's industry-oriented but pretty good, so stop by and say hi.

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