Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wouldn't A Gremlin Have Been More Sensible?

Down a few blocks, in the Manuel's parking lot, this car seems to be evolving into a monument of a sort. I first noticed it, sitting in the nearest space to the bar, probably more than a year ago -- but it was only recently that I noticed that it's always there, any hour of the day or night.

It's an AMC Gremlin. I was vaguely aware of Gremlins as a kid (reason: see title reference), but never knew what they looked like -- I imagined them to be fairly bad-ass. This is actually the first I've ever seen.

I'm starting to wonder if there's some significance to its placement. Even the most mellow of bars isn't going to let a car sit unattended for more than a year, and the fact that no one's come back to get a car that has one of the Georgia "collector's car" license plates must mean something.

It's become a bit of a landmark to me -- the other night, looking around the corner at Manuel's, I thought it was gone and became upset -- then relieved when I saw it. I don't know the story of the Manuel's Gremlin, but I dig it.


Nanuk of the North said...

Your first Gremlin. Awww. Youngster. I guess you've never seen an AMC Hornet either. We had a Hornet when I was a kid. My father hated the Big 3 and Japanese cars didn't exist yet, so he bought a Hornet.
Yes, it was green.

Gremlins were very cool. They had a little picture of a Gremlin on them, and being a kid, I thought this was reason enough to want one of those cars. But we never got one. Just as well, weren't they fire hazards?

P.S. Was this post a clever way of avoiding talking about not writing your novel?

alanah said...

Geezus. That thing looks like a hearse with its ass-end chopped off.