Sunday, November 04, 2007

Progress Report

November 4, and I still haven't packed it in -- I've already done better than last year. Hurrah. I'm not where I should be, though -- 1500 words after four days (Saturday, nothing got done) is well off the pace.

A couple things I've learned:

* nothing like writing to turn me suddenly responsible. I sat down Friday morning, stared at the computer -- and then realized, gosh, I needed to clean the kitchen! (Last time kitchen got a good cleaning: 2005) Then later, the bathroom! I didn't make much progress on writing, but the condo sure looks better.

* already knew this, but it's driven home anew -- I far prefer writing longhand to typing. Somehow, the computer just doesn't do it for me. Maybe because there's no sense of accomplishment when you finish a page, perhaps a repressed Luddite streak.

Anyway, moving forward, and so on.

* * *

#45 -- "The Illuminatus! Trilogy" by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson

What a difference 15 years makes. As mentioned, I read this back in college (I think), having heard that it was a wacky tour de force -- not wacky enough and too esoteric for younger me, though, and I was just vaguely put off. Kept it, though, for whatever reason -- one of those hunches one has? because it looked good on my bookshelf?

In the midst of another book purge, I pulled it off the shelf last weekend, opened it up to see what I thought, and a week later, I've just read the fastest 800-page novel ever.

So many characters and so much double-dealing that it really needs annotations. Full of all the little in-jokes and obscure references that I delight in. It flags a bit 3/4 of the way through, but overall the most fun I've had since "Against the Day" (another monolith full of paranoia, conspiracies, and obscure references).

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tapeleg said...

You know, I tried to read this behemoth, but couldn't get through it. Of course, I was 16, and it looked cool in the scifi section of the local Waldenbooks (it's what we had). Now that you mention it, I may have to pick it up again, in all of my copious spare time.