Friday, November 30, 2007


Perfect ending to a perfectly shitty month: I decided to stay in and have a quiet, peaceful wine-soaked night, and now I'm dealing with a garbage disposal that picked now to move on to whatever heaven garbage disposals go to. Thankfully, I'm just sober enough to say "don't stick your hand down the garbage disposal, Greg," preventing this from getting gory. Earlier in my "quiet" evening I started choking on a chunk of salami, but again thankfully, some bit of my subconscious said "you don't want your obituary to read 'choked on salami¹,'" and I'm a-ok. But I'm really anxious for the calendar page to turn.

Hard to believe that this month started off with such promise: I was gonna write a novel! Instead I got completely swamped with work, burnt out, shitty things happened to people outside of work, and at this point I feel comfortable saying "November, let's try this again next year." I'm moderately and not relaxingly drunk, my kitchen/disaster area is viewable from this vantage point, the whole place smells of burnt popcorn, and some guy was just (seriously) rapping about cigarettes right outside the window.

One good thing: Tomáš Klouček scored another goal not long ago, and his tryout has become a permanent (for this year, anyway) gig with Zlin. Good job, TK! (Thanks, Vak Fan, for keeping me up to date)

I was gonna write a longer post on some other stuff, but screw it, I'm just going to go read and finish off the wine. Tomorrow.

¹ Apologies, future perverts who get here through a Google search on "choked on salami."


Nanuk of the North said...

I was already laughing out loud at the "choked on a chunk of salami" part, but when I saw the footnote I laughed even harder.

thanks for that.

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