Monday, November 26, 2007

Counting Down

Back in high school, suffering through Mr. Hurst's German class, I used to make grids of 45 squares, and check one off for each minute that I got closer to escape. Sometimes I'd get distracted for a couple minutes and get the bliss that came with checking off three or four boxes at a time.

I'm feeling a bit of that now. December 28, I start vacation, one that's pretty sorely needed. It'll come after a period of four months with only one extra day off. I'm about ready to set myself on fire. And I need to budget my time off better next year, obviously.

32 days to go, if you're counting.


fredoluv said...

I knew a kid (and oddly enough, it was in a Russian language class) that would obsessively mark each minute remaining in a long column down the right side of his paper. 59. 58. 57. He'd just stare at his watch for an hour straight. It seems, in retrospect, that it would make the hour seem longer, but...

Maybe you can make the countdown shorter by swinging through LA on your way to vacation. We have a big airport here.

vakfan said...

So, how´s your german right now?
I feel free to report another Kloucek goal, against Sparta.

gsdgsd13 said...


My German's pretty much declined to non-existence. Danke, auf wiedersehen... I can still count to ten. I should have paid more attention, obviously.