Monday, October 08, 2007

When You Break Both Your Legs, Don't Come Running To Me

One side-effect of working at a place that is in business 365 days a year: when I found my bank closed today, my first thought was that Bank of America must have collapsed, and I just didn't hear about it.

Posts have been rather rare and uninspired lately, haven't they? I'm going to try to change that. There's been a sort of "duty" about posting in recent weeks -- "I read a book, I must write a blurb about it; I haven't posted in three days, I better come up with something." There's gonna be a conscious effort to put a bit more into the writing (today, perhaps, excepted).

The book blurbs are a particular frustration; it's hard to think of any (save "The Sheltering Sky") that I've put much thought into, and that's not what I want to be doing. Occasionally it's appropriate -- I really didn't have much to say about "Our Gang" -- but usually it's just "let's get this done." It's the old blowback from working in TV -- my instincts tell me "say what you have to as quickly as possible." This blog was originally created, in part, to counter the impact television was having on my writing, so that needs to change. Does anyone really read them? (I'm going to keep doing them regardless, so I don't know why I ask, but.) Has anyone ever said "gosh, that sounds like an interesting book," or is it more "oh boy, another pointless paragraph about some book some guy read"?

Also hampering posting: I just haven't done much lately. I mean, I've done things, but not many blogworthy. I haven't been out shooting photos since returning from London. I haven't got notably and foolishly drunk (just peacefully drunk) recently. I have a rule about writing about work. I haven't had many great thoughts lately. And so on.

Again, hopefully all that changes soon. Presumably in coming weeks the weather will get to a point where I'm not perpetually sweating, and then perhaps I'll leave the house a bit more often.

Speaking of drunk, though. Last Thursday I ended up at a party, and ended up talking to a woman who's a co-worker. We don't come into contact much; we work in different parts of the building, we're in separate social circles that only occasionally intersect. We get along well, she's cool, we just don't come into contact that often. And when we do, we talk about ... Angola. Neither of us really knows much about Angola (it's in Africa, Kapuscinski wrote a book about it), but we talk about it.

The reason: years ago, soon after I started working with her, I ran into her at a Halloween party and began ranting about ... Angola. (It should come as no surprise to anyone to learn that I was plastered at the time.) After that, it became a joke any time we ran into each other, but now there's something oddly sincere about it -- we laugh about Angola, and use it as a launching pad to talk about the world, travel, etc.

It's a bit of an odd subject, but I do enjoy our annual Angola talks.

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tapeleg said...

Wow, you are moody. Actually, I have bought a book based on your review. Mind you, it did have to do with beer, so maybe that's a no-brainer.