Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hockey Hockey Hockey

Hey! It's opening night for the Avalanche! And what better way to celebrate than by listening to ME for an inordinate amount of time? Alanah was kind/open-minded/foolish enough to interview me (and Tapeleg, who actually knew what he was talking about) about the Avalanche, on the Crazy Canucks podcast.

Hear me sound like a Muppet (at first - later on, after a few glasses of wine, I sound like a drunk Muppet), insult the Canucks, and talk about hockey. It was actually a blast -- thanks Alanah!


The Wall said...

So, I went to the podcast all set to send you a note saying "you totally don't sound like a Muppet!" But you kinda do, I mean, in a cool, um, FraggelRock way!

gsdgsd13 said...

I know you probably THOUGHT that helped, and yet, somehow, it didn't.