Sunday, October 21, 2007

Chili, Nachos, and Alfred Hitchcock

I've been stricken with a death cough this weekend -- bad enough to make me wonder at times if I was getting pneumonia again (I'm not), and bad enough to keep me mostly housebound on one of the prettiest weekends of the year. It's meant some important business has been shelved (blogging, nacho hunting), other important business got pushed to the forefront (you have lots of time to make chili when you're sick).

I haven't been honest-to-god sick in a while, so I'm out of the habit of puttering around the house. I've got the "not shaving" down pat, but I couldn't find my bathrobe, and my attention span has been shot (possibly because it's so glorious outside) to the point where I can't concentrate on a book. So I've mostly occupied myself by playing Scrabble on Facebook, listening to music, and checking the status of everyone on my fantasy football and hockey teams once an hour. I did manage to watch Hitchcock's "Foreign Correspondent" last night, which was pretty great -- a thriller with snappy clever dialogue, and fast-paced enough to maintain the interest of someone operating at half capacity.

With Robitussin not doing the trick (though it did give me really disturbing dreams), I tried the old Czech village remedy (well, I presume), shots of Becherovka. I generally have the stuff about once a year, either with Tapeleg at Sobo 151 or when visiting Prague. It's a herbal liqueur, and since my reaction to it is generally "Whoooooo! Holy shit!" followed by cartoon steam shooting out of my ears, followed by waking up in a bush two days later, I thought it might help. It didn't, but it tasted pretty good (like a less-sweet Goldschlager) and at least distracted me. And made me feel like my drinking was actually for health purposes.

And then, the chili. I've slowly made this recipe over the past two days, with a couple minor modifications (one of which was near-disastrous -- I used a boneless roast of the same size, with the result that the chili almost overflowed the crock pot. Empires have collapsed over less), and just now, in the past hour, tried it out.

The verdict:

Consistency -- F. I should have gone with my instincts and drained off some of the broth early. Even with thickener, it's still very watery.

Taste -- A. Spicy as hell -- rare that I don't need to add hot sauce -- but without overwhelming the taste. It's really, really good. Which is a good thing, because I've got a ton of the stuff. Being so liquidy, it's probably going to be best for topping burritos and such -- down the line, I'll have to work on making the stuff thicker.


tapeleg said...

Where the hell did you find Becherovka? Do they just sell it anywhere?

BTW: A liquor store I went to in Dallas had Flying Dog, Rouge, Fat Tire, and (wait for it) Czechvar. I love Dallas. The only problem is that it is in Texas. Bummer.

vakfan said...

You should have used Becherovka instead of broth for your chili.

gsdgsd13 said...

Tapeleg: it's in the liquor store down the street from me. I don't know how common it is elsewhere. The store in Dallas sounds like they put my clone in charge of stocking.

Vakfan: that sounds like it would drive me crazy, but at the same time an interesting idea. Do they have "Cooking with Becherovka" cookbooks over there?

vakfan said...

Of course: Try the BECHEROVKA APPLES:
2 apples
25g raisins
25g crushed almonds
1 spoon redcurrant jam
1/2 spoon butter
6cl becherovka
Clean the apples, fill them with butter, raisins and redcurrant jam and becherovka, bake and enjoy!