Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rosie the Riveter

It's been a while since my friends have stared at me in horror -- it's been a while since I've given Nanuk something to laugh about. And it's almost hockey season.

Time for another jersey!

Vladimír Růžička (and you won't see all those diacritics again) is one of the all-time greats of Czech hockey. Over in the NHL, "Rosie" was largely considered a disappointment (despite a 75-point season with the Bruins), but over in Europe, he was pretty great. He continued to be a pretty productive player late into his 30s with Slavia Praha.

I've got two of his jerseys. They're both from exhibition/charity games. And they're both pretty ugly.

HC Litvínov is known for Jiri Bubla and Jiri Slegr, and for really nice jerseys -- check this one -- so naturally the only one in my collection is this ... eye-catcher. If I were to go night-biking, I'd wear this.

This was worn for some sort of charity all-star game (note the stars!). I really, really dig the diacritic marks on the name. Maybe stripping the marks from his NHL jerseys robbed Růžička of his power?

I feared that this was some stupid attempt to capitalize on Wayne Gretzky, but the guy who sold it to me was pretty sure this dates to a 1999 exhibition.

Something very European and endearing about that logo.

Now, Ruzicka jersey #2:

Yow. This rivals Pletka for sheer over-the-top advertising. It's a jersey from the "Jagr Team" series of charity exhibitions, though you wouldn't know that offhand, since there's no freakin' team name to be found.

I'm normally not too bothered by advertising on European jerseys, but when the most prominent thing on the front of the jersey is a cell phone ad, there may be a problem.

More ads, more diacritics. I don't really have anything to say about these ads, though I hope EuroTel got their money's worth, so instead I'll note that this is one of the grimier jerseys I own -- lots of sweat stains and dirt marks. You know, when you start writing approvingly about sweat stains, you start questioning your hobby.

In the end, it's Tapeleg who inspired all this, and is thus to blame. Brushback also put a few of his jerseys on display a while back, as well.


Nanuk of the North said...

Gee. These are really ...uh ... interesting!

With the hockey season about to start, the big story here is the outrageous cost of tickets to see the Canadiens. Will this stop them from selling out most if not all games? No.

Jes said...

Are you sure those are genuine Ruzicka sweaters? I don't see any beer or mustard stains!

vakfan said...

God save Vladimir Ruzicka! Best mullet around. Always good for a joke. Was on Slavia´s roster in the play-offs vs. HC Ceske Budejovice. "In case of a penalty shootout" he said...

fredoluv said...

You have my permission to wear the second one to my wedding.

Not the first. It clashes with my bride's jersey.

Brushback said...

The jerseys are AWESOME.

Long live unique European jerseys!

gsdgsd13 said...

Sadly, not everyone sees it that way. I was wearing a HC Zlin jersey once last year, and someone asked me if it was a NASCAR jersey.

The nerve!