Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I Don't Know Where I Am But I Know My Destination

Is there anything less interesting than a(n occasional) blogger's whining about how busy he is? Probably not. Sorry. Life is, as it frequently becomes, a series of half-finished projects, looming responsibilities, insanity at work, and so on -- eventually throwing me into inertia (can you be thrown into inertia? Probably not) that leaves me doing nothing and feeling guilty about everything. Seriously -- it's at the point where my unwatched Netflix movies are causing me as much guilt as a neglected child.

I ultimately decided against a wholesale posting of my UK photos -- since I didn't do a ton of hardcore sightseeing, most of them are pictures of friends (and my friends are savvy enough to launch a preemptive strike against me posting them on the blog), architectural oddities, or old/odd signs (which will probably show up as headers at some point).

One brief mention that must be made -- it's a remarkably civilized city where you can find Budvar/Czechvar in nearly every bar.

* * *

I always held swimming to be one of those things, like riding a bike, that you don't forget how to do. Perhaps a bad example, since I haven't been on a bicycle in more than 20 years at this point, and have no confidence that I could ride one now. In any case, the trip to London motivated me to start swimming again (one of the places I stayed had a mirrored shower, which was rather humbling) for the first time since, geez, high school.

I went in pretty certain that I would be just fine, as I loved swimming when younger -- but anyone watching probably worried that they were seeing someone with severe nerve damage. When I first learned to swim, I had trouble remembering when to take a breath and when not to; and, guess what, I'm having that problem again, decades later. I forget to breathe when my head's out of the water, leaving open the possibility that I'll become the first person to asphyxiate in fresh air, but occasionally do remember to take a breath just as I submerge again.

I went again yesterday, and it went considerably better. Presumably I'll have rock-hard abs within a week.

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