Thursday, September 06, 2007

Don't forget:::You are Baby Africa.

If you haven't yet, go to the comments a few back (here) and scroll down a bit. Then read the musings of some insane genius that dropped by (he also visited Sidearm Delivery). Allow a few hours, he (I'm assuming it's a he -- safely, I think) is verbose.

When I worked back at the newspaper in Boulder, we had a lot of crazy people drop by -- the combination of, well, it being Boulder, and us having a storefront office right downtown. One repeat customer was the Reverend Friendly, an old dude with long hair and long white beard who came in smelling very minty once -- without prodding, he said "I just drank a bottle of fuckin' mouthwash!" There were also the people who would drop off their missives tying the city government in to the Illuminati, the Kennedys, Satanists, or whoever.

One day, I was sitting at my desk, hard at work, when one of the crazies came in. He was wearing camouflage pants, black t-shirt, and a Mao cap -- a bit off-kilter, but in Boulder, hardly alarming. His wild-eyed glare and messy beard, though, branded him either as a nut or a holdover from "Loose Nut"-era Black Flag.

He went to our office manager, a friend of mine, McClown -- as I recall, Sauer and Kynan were also in attendance. The guy said "Who do I see about getting my manifesto printed?" (I believe he actually said "manifesto") Without missing a beat, McClown pointed over to me, and said "Him. He's in charge of getting manifestos printed."

As the guy stalked over to poor terrified me, I could see my three so-called friends, trying and failing to hold in laughter before fleeing the room.

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Rags said...

"The reality is country'western IS perpetual because the gods hate your guts..."

My favorite quote from the "Baby Africa" guy