Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I'll Take Indie Cred Wherever I Can Find It

Just in the interest of getting the previous post bumped down, an anecdote...

I got my hair cut yesterday, even with a hangover that you could (in the words of Bill Bryson) sell to silence science. Yeah, I'll take that Purple Heart. Next to me, a woman was getting her hair worked on by a male stylist, who seemed to be working the seduction angle (and he was good at it -- by the time the woman left, she was all but throwing her underwear at the guy).

At one point, she asked him where he got his hair cut, and the guy replied (paraphrased -- I wasn't taking notes) "I go to Shanghai once a year -- there's this guy there who's the only person I trust."

Now, he didn't seem to be joking, though it was obvious bullshit. That's a new level of hipster oneupmanship. Is the barber in Shanghai the hair stylist's version of obscure Finnish noise bands?


Nanuk of the North said...

If this guy only gets his hair cut once a year, I take it he has pretty long hair.

I have a (female) friend who only gets her hair cut once a year and in true Canadian fashion, the occasion for the haircut is her's husband hockey banquet. Apparently it is the social event of the year among the amateur hockey league set.

I believe the Shanghai story. There are people who fly to Hong Kong just to get suits made, so why not zip off to Shanghai for a trim? This being said, that must be one heckuva haircut, or this guy has a really over-inflated opinion of his own hair.

I'm trying to tie this altogether with a comment on hockey hair, but I'm stumped.
OK. I'm blabbing too much.

Brushback said...

I only sneeze once a year, but I wait til I visit Nairobi to do it.

gsdgsd13 said...

I only blog using a keyboard of pure ivory.

The guy did have long hair, but still. What's so great about this (perhaps mythical) barber in Shanghai? There was nothing about his haircut that made me say "man, can't get THAT in Atlanta."

Meanwhile, I notice the girl cutting my hair only trimmed one sideburn, making me look lopsided. Maybe I should go to Shanghai.

The Wall said...

I bet his home smells of fine mahogany.

gsdgsd13 said...

I really need to see that movie at some point, so that I don't have to Google the references any more.