Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hot August Nights

You may be sick of hearing over and over how hot it is down here, but it's an accurate representation of life: every conversation now begins that way, with a discussion of the heat and liberal use of obscenities, before we begin drinking ourselves insensate. It's too hot to do anything, still. I actually got up early and drove out to Gwinnett County, hoping to shoot some photos, but I'm not into subdivisions or strip malls and came back with nothing. (above pic is from Boulder, which is undoubtedly cooler than Atlanta right now.)

I'm going a bit stir crazy -- I'm trying not to spend money, and (have I mentioned?) it's really too hot to be outside between morning and night. Most public enclosed places either expect you to spend money, or are boring (I'm not gonna go hang around the county government offices), so I'm trying to find new things to do in my (small) condo. And running out, really. The more time I spend here, the worse my attention span becomes, so reading, watching movies... those only work for a bit. Washing the dishes and doing laundry aren't that much fun. I dug out some computer games that I hadn't played in years, only to confirm that I'm still really bad.

I note that a thunderstorm is considered "possible" tomorrow. God I hope so.

Anyway, not much point to this post. Just killing time.

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