Monday, August 20, 2007

Bon Voyage

I leave for London tonight. It's still disgustingly hot in Atlanta, we broke the "Target: Force" video game at Manuel's last night, Sidearm Delivery has shut down, Tomas Kloucek is still unemployed -- with all these negative signs and portents, it's time to leave Atlanta for a bit.

Not sure what blogging will be like while I'm over there -- it could be really light as social pursuits distract me, could be really heavy as I wait for friends to get out of work. We'll see.

In the meantime, I drove up to Cartersville, Georgia the other day. I'd been through Cartersville a few times previously, but always wrote it off as a collection of strip malls and mega-grocery stores. Tipped off that it's actually kind of an interesting place if you get off the main highways, this time I explored a bit, and whaddaya know -- lots of cool old buildings and a nice, pleasant downtown area. There's a lesson here.

This is the first-ever outdoor Coca-Cola sign. I think it's safe to say it's been repainted a few times over the years.

One of several old railroad buildings (that seemed to still be in use, despite the abandoned feel).

Cool old theater, circa 1940 if I remember the plaque correctly. Still in use, by a theater troupe.

Nice old building (from 1881, I think - can't really read the detail now). Kind of reminds me of downtown Boulder; you don't see many like this in Atlanta. It apparently housed a brewery until recently. The fact that a brewery went out of business makes me so very sad.

Dunno why this caught my eye. Maybe that very firm, forceful, big sign combined with the lack of a roof.

Ghost sign! No clue what it says, though.

Another really cool theater. I would have gone up and scouted about for interesting details, but by this point I was coated in sweat. Unpleasant.


Kickster said...

Hey there, saw it was 93 degrees today. Which neighborhood do you live in? I'm in California now but will be visiting Atlanta soon. Looking at Decatur and Virginia-Highlands online and they get a lot of praise. True or no? I'd like a local's point of view.

gsdgsd13 said...

Both places are nice -- I live in Va-Hi and love it. Pros are that it's great for walking, safe, and that there's a gazillion shops and restaurants (and if you want to go out-of-neighborhood, it's a quick hop from Midtown and Little Five Points). Cons are that it's crazy on weekends and parking can suck.

I lived in Decatur when I first moved out here, but sort of in the wrong area -- boring and nothing around. If you get to downtown Decatur, it's pretty similar to the aforementioned description of Va-Hi, but with a slightly older/less college crowd. It's also a bit further removed from the rest of the city.

Anyway, yeah, if you're heading out here, those are two of the best areas. Holler if you have any more questions...

vakfan said...

Somehow I have the feeling I´will see Mr. Kloucek more often than you will this year...