Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back in the Sauna

Got back to Atlanta yesterday, and I was pouring sweat at 6 a.m. today. Fantastic.

Obviously, the social whirl was busy in London, so the updates were scarce. I'll write more and post more photos today or tomorrow.

In the meantime, a quick roundup of the books I read on the trip:

#35 -- "The Fourth Bear" by Jasper Fforde

#36 -- "Words of Mercury" by Patrick Leigh Fermor

#37 -- "Chronicle of Stone" by Ismail Kadare

The Fforde book isn't normally my style, but I was looking for something quick for the plane ride over, and it caught my eye. Glad it did. It's a mystery set in a part of England where nursery rhyme characters collide with real life, and it's funny as hell. Lots of sly humor and clever references -- I laughed out loud quite a bit. I'll pick up some of his other books, which similarly seemed aimed at constant readers.

Everyone's probably sick of hearing about Fermor ... sorry! I don't think this anthology is available in the U.S., so of course I had to get it. It's selections from his work over the years, and I've read a lot of it before (especially in "A Time of Gifts" and "Between the Woods and the Water"), but it's no great pain to read that again. Lively stuff from a guy who apparently knows everything and enjoys the hell out of life.

Likewise, I'm pretty sure the Kadare book isn't in print over here (edit -- will be soon). It's an early book, and much more linear than most of his later work. It's the (semi-autobiographical?) story of his hometown of Gjirokaster, which went back and forth between the Axis and Allies during World War II, and then became the scene of bitter internecene warfare between various Albanian factions. It's very good, and quickly became one of my favorites by Kadare. Highly recommended as a starting point.

More later. Now, I have to work on getting my body clock in order.


Brushback said...

That photo would make an awesome blog header...

gsdgsd13 said...

I've actually been thinking about changing the template (the current one seems to show up screwy on the latest version of IE) -- if I do, you're right, that may look cool.

(if I can figure it out.)

Brushback said...

You've dug into your template's HTML before, right? Usually you have to, in order to add a blogroll and stuff, at least with the old version of Blogger.

So, you've probably seen the sections of HTML marked off with "Blog Header", "Sidebar", "Archives" and the like.

Just slap in the image address(using "img src") onto the most likely-looking line of type under "Blog Header", and see what happens. It may automatically re-size the image for you, or you might have to size it the best way on your own.

As long as you don't hit "Save Changes", you can revert to the original header.

The new version of Blogger has a function that does this type of thing automatically.

vakfan said...

The Post-Pessimist Assciation, my number one for blog layout help. Thank you brushback! p.s. no love in Russia for Jan Bulis?

gsdgsd13 said...

Thanks Brushback -- I will fiddle with it this weekend and see what I can work out.