Tuesday, July 10, 2007


It's not just the blog that's getting neglected, it's virtually everything else as well. Work has been excessively hectic since returning from vacation -- I think I've had one night where the news didn't explode someplace or other. And I've only got one night off in the next week and a half, so ... pity me.

Adding to the lethargy is the weather -- after a few days of gloom, it's oppressively scorching today, a sauna by 10 am. None of this makes me want to do things. I'm not reading (only two literary works I've managed to get through since returning from Colorado: a "Straight Dope" collection and a "Calvin & Hobbes" book), I'm not driving around taking pictures of things, I'm not watching movies past 20 minutes in. I haven't even really been drinking to excess. I'm hard-pressed to come up with anything I have done in the last week and a half. (Other than that vodka, which is probably ready to be drained.)

I have toyed a bit with an attempt at writing a short story. I haven't done that since college -- I've preferred failing to write novels over failing to write short stories. But spurred on by a friend, I'm giving it a shot. It is, at least, not so daunting.

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Iron Maiden - first two albums
Morphine - "Cure for Pain"

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