Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Still Torpored

Tuesday, I told myself I was going to wake up this morning, ready to kick ass, and write up something awesome on the blog. Then I went out after work, drank whiskey, drank beer, put a fucking Black-Eyed Peas song on the jukebox as a joke, talked too loud, closed down Atkins Park. Then woke up at around 10:30 am, feeling like death, and didn't do anything other than take out the trash until it was time to go to work. Boo, me.

I feel sort of like this month is slow to get going -- looking back at the archives from last July, it seems like I was more inspired, if not doing anything more productive with my life. I've sort of been laboring under the impression that it's just too damn hot to go outside and wander about, but obviously last July I was doing it, and I doubt that the weather was much more pleasant then. I'm just exponentially lazier than July 2006 Greg, apparently.

A couple music-related posts have been swimming about in the fetid, algae-choked ponds of my mind, and even though I don't write about music any more, I'll set one down.

As happens about once a year, I've been dragging out the first two Iron Maiden albums recently. They represent some sort of musical milestone for me -- they're (if this makes sense) the first albums that I was really into, that I'm still into today. I got into IM about the time "Powerslave" came out, and worked my way through the discography to these -- and was immediately blown away by how much better they were than the later stuff, thanks to Paul Dianno's vocals. Once I heard these, Bruce Dickinson's shrieking took an eternal back seat (I don't know if I could listen to "Piece of Mind" or whatever today, and I'm not in any hurry to find out).

Maiden were pretty wanky on these albums, and prone to some of the prog-metal stuff that makes a lot of their later stuff pretty eye-rolling (older now, I can hear way too much of "2112" on "Killers" -- and unlike seventh-grade me, I don't think that's a good thing), but it's well-balanced by Dianno's voice -- the guy's honestly one of my all-time favorite vocalists. It's been a long, long time since I've listened to much metal of any stripe, but even with a little goofiness, the self-titled album and "Killers" are always gonna be favorites. Brings back memories of cloudy Colorado days and "Infinity Inc." comics.

It's been a while since I've done any YouTube linkage, so I can do this with a pretty clear conscience...

...for those of you who don't deal with me routinely in real life, rest assured that I always dress in the shirtless leather jacket look sported by Paul D. in this video.

And while we're on the subject, this seems like a good time to pay tribute to one of my favorite Maiden fans -- Roman Turek!

Turek was famous (well, semi-famous) for adorning his masks with Iron Maiden's "Eddie" mascot, and going on about the band in interviews, one thing that always endeared the guy to me. Also endearing, in an odd way: Turek's nickname was "Large." Things never quite worked out for "Large" in North America, and he's back (and doing pretty well, I think) in the Czech Republic, with HC Mountfield. A quick photo gallery perusal isn't turning up many good shots of what his helmet shows now -- it's got some ads on it, but looks metal-related. Though perhaps it's a Septic Death-style helmet.

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