Friday, July 13, 2007

Rip My Face Off

The pepper-and-onion vodka has been drained, and gosh, wow, it's powerful stuff. Makes the horseradish vodka look like water. It's perhaps a health hazard -- a test shot left my lips and tongue oddly tingly for a good 12 hours, as if I'd lost skin -- but, I can vouch, really good in Bloody Marys.

(This is my only day off this week, so after a week of being relatively healthy, I'm indulging today -- Bloody Marys at breakfast, beer and wings at lunch, heroin and a bucket of lard for dinner.)

Any suggestions on which obscure mid-'80s Czech defenseman I should name this batch for?

* * *

In more serious business -- I've been remiss:

Tomáš Klouček has been without a team since July 1, and I'm just now getting this year's vigil started. Everyone, direct your positive thoughts TK's way.

I like to think that perhaps, this afternoon Larry Pleau or Peter Chiarelli or Dale Tallon or someone will be conducting their normal daily PPA read, and dump coffee on themselves in shock -- "Quick! SIGN KLOUCEK!!"

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