Tuesday, July 03, 2007

All I've Got is a Photograph

Two days back at work and my mental state can best be described as "detached." I have nothing to say. So instead, I offer up more photos of abandonment, some of the 36,000 I've taken in the past couple weeks.

Cass, Georgia. Did I say Georgia doesn't have motels like this? I stand corrected. This is along the old Dixie Highway, the same road of my occasional interest. People who told me "you have to get away from Atlanta to see interesting things along the Dixie" were absolutely right.

What's left of the above motel. It was actually wide open and just waiting for me to go wander around ... but there were about three cop cars hovering in the immediate vicinity, obviously bored in sleepy Cass, and just waiting for some jackass to go traipsing where he obviously shouldn't.

The motel's obviously been abandoned for some years -- a little bit odd, because it's right off a main road, and it's right next to what was probably another motel once upon a time, and is now nice little apartments. Seeing this damaged husk was a bit strange, given the surroundings.

"By the time we make it to Bartow..."

Sorry, to anyone who got that.

Anyway: Bartow, Georgia. The motel is still in business -- obviously a remnant from the days of Dixie.

Cartersville, Georgia. Also still in business. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure the motel fixation will pass soon.

But not yet! We're back to Roggen, Colorado, here, and this is the other old motel in the tiny town. Like the Prairie Lodge, this one is no longer a motel, but was still occupied as some sort of housing.

Same motel. I was a bit mystified by the slouching cowboy, but Vitriola told me that it's actually a pretty common design in the rural West.

"Tire Mountain," somewhere in Weld County, Colorado.

Adult bookstore, South Broadway, Denver. This doesn't quite capture just how garish it is (and just how great a sign). You might wonder why I didn't move about 20 feet so that I had a view minus the tree and light pole. I wish I had an answer for you.

Also South Broadway -- in all my years of ghost sign obsession, I had never seen a Bull Durham sign. Until now.

Fetish shop, which has adapted the Albanian eagle as its logo. Viva Albania!

Wile E. Coyote, in Sobo 151, down in Denver. One of the few lingering traces of Rocky Hockey.

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