Tuesday, July 31, 2007

35 Dollars and a Six-Pack

Actually, it's down to a five-pack now, and the $35 might be overstating things too. But in one of those moves that occasionally win people various humanitarian awards, the Ski Bum's Mom smuggled out a six-pack of Fat Tire this past weekend. It's greatly appreciated. The one beer I've cracked open tasted GREAT -- somehow Fat Tire tastes better when it's a rare treat.

This gives me the chance to do the possible Fat Tire-Rogue Dead Guy beer-off, to establish which is better ... but you know, I don't think I really would want to know the results. Graham Greene had one wife and two mistresses at once ... by comparison, it should be easy for me to simultaneously love two beers.


The Wall said...


Jett said...

Someone has been teasing me. They said you could find Fat Tire in Atlanta. From what I can tell, you can't buy it within 600 miles of here.

I remember in the late 70's being able to trade a single Coors (unavailable in Georgia) for an entire six-pack of Bud.

gsdgsd13 said...

I hear the Fat Tire rumors from time to time, and always check them, but they never pan out. The nearest place still seems to be Arkansas (except when I can persuade friends' family members to do a little smuggling).

tapeleg said...

jett - you may be able to hold your breath on this one. The Fat Tire brewery has been expanded in the last few months. They are looking at expanding their distribution quite a bit. And since they are wind powered, you can go on drinking it well into armageddon.