Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Way Down Broadway

I've had occasion to go down to Denver twice in the last two days, both times to the utterly awesome Sobo 151. Today, I went down a bit early, to cruise Denver's South Broadway area and shoot photos of a bunch of similarly utterly awesome signs.

There's a bunch of shots that will trickle out in the next few days, as I'm motivated to resize them and upload them. For the moment, here's a few great old-timey motel signs. You don't see signs like this much anymore, and don't at all in Atlanta. I love 'em. If I (for some reason) was in the South Broadway area and needed lodging, I'd stop in just on the basis of these signs, even if the motels attached don't seem to promise much in the way of amenities.

Note for the sticklers: I used Photoshop and cranked up the saturation on these, first to make up for cloudy day/bad lighting on the Red Pine sign (which still is rather dim), then because the garishness sort of fit. It's not something I plan to do often, so you can rest assured that my camera speaks only the truth.

(this place is, obviously, no longer in business -- the rest are)

More later, as sobriety and energy allow.

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