Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Searching for Answers That I'll Never Find

Proving, I guess, that I'm a slow learner, I set out again this morning to travel along a stretch of the Dixie Highway. Multiple wrong turns, unexpected street name changes, and intersections that appear on no map later, I packed it in.

A few thoughts from the trip:

1) If I ever again tell myself that I don't need to plan out a route on one of these journeys, someone punch me in the head.

2) I honestly thought, on the first day of a mini-vacation, that driving around metro Atlanta would be restful. Again, hit me.

3) All the mania for renaming streets in this city, and no one sees fit to rename one of the three Marietta Street/Road/Boulevards?

4) The last of those, Marietta Boulevard, may be the foulest-smelling place in the city, thanks to all sorts of industrial work. There's a big sign advertising a new housing community nearby -- keep the windows closed!

And most seriously, 5) I think my motivation behind driving the Dixie to find a remnant of the way things were before interstates, thinking I'll find old mom-and-pop motels, broken-down neon signs, businesses and buildings that faded into obsolescence when I-75 and 85 became reality. It's becoming apparent that I'm not going to find any such thing, at least within spitting distance of Atlanta. Everything's auto lots or strip malls. I-75 has been around since the '50s -- the Dixie Highway was basically obsolete before then, I think. The things I'm looking for have been gone for decades.

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