Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Five Beers You Drink In Heaven

Being back here in the land of great beer (tm), I've been guzzling the stuff 'til I'm sloshing around. I come back to the land of the most fit people on earth, and get less fit. Hardly my intention.

Three of my favorite beers are not available back in Atlanta, and are here -- so I've been taking advantage. So after a long day of exploring eastern Colorado (photos and details tomorrow) and then drinking one of those three great beers, I present: The Five Beers I Will Drink In Heaven, If Heaven Exists (I'm Not Sure), and If I Make It In If It Does Exist

Fat Tire. The beer that taught me about good beer. The old favorite. The Tomas Kloucek of beers. There was some discussion of going to the New Belgium Brewery on this trip -- didn't happen, but someday. And someday they'll start shipping the stuff out to Atlanta.

Czechvar. Legal battles prevent this from being available in Georgia. Stupid lawyers. A versatile beer, suitable for all occasions (sipping after work, pounding to forget work, guzzling at 4 a.m., weddings, funerals). I got down to super-awesome Sobo 151 twice this week (once with Tapeleg, one with my sister) to consume it. Added bonus: Sobo 151's garlic dip, which may be the best thing ever (if you like garlic).

St. James Red at the Walnut Brewery, Boulder. If I still lived here, I'd be at the Walnut every day -- great beer, great food, cute waitresses, housed inside a renovated old fire station. All the beers are great, but the St. James is the pick of the litter.

No picture -- Rogue Dead Guy. I already made the joke about this being named after an old hardcore band. More seriously: this may have passed Fat Tire as my favorite. For those not in the know, that's on a level with the Pope converting to Islam. A taste test is in order, if I ever have the two in front of me at the same time.

The fifth beer? Like all good bars, I'd have a rotating tap for this one. Right now, I'd probably put Dogfish Head's 90-Minute IPA in there. But that's subject to change.

Head back tomorrow. With luck, I'll post a bunch of photos before heading out to the airport.


Brushback said...

Rougue Kiss It Goodbye - did I use that one yet?

By the way, Keith Huckins posts on Hockeybird.

gsdgsd13 said...

I would definitely buy a beer called "Kiss it Goodbye" -- I'm a bit surprised no one's used it yet, but it appears available.

Keith Huckins? On Hockeybird? Seriously? I don't know why, but I find that odd.

Brushback said...

Well, hockey is universal.

Tapeleg said...

Flying Dog's Road Dog would be on my list. Maye even Railyard Ale from the Wynkoop, except that the Mayor owns the place. But if there is a heaven, it must have the best rotating tap ever.

gsdgsd13 said...

There's a bar near me that has several Flying Dog beers -- most memorably, a friend refused to order me a "Doggie Style" when I went to the restroom. Next time I'm up there I'll check whether they have Road Dog.

Tapeleg said...

I know who has Road Dog. A little place called the Vortex.

Jonathan said...

I think I would also add a stout to the list... Maybe Rogue's Shakespeare Stout or Bluegrass Brewing's Bourbon Barrel Stout.