Sunday, June 17, 2007

Abandoned Churches of Atlanta, June Edition

Drove past this down on Memorial Drive today -- an odd little building, that looks as if perhaps it was originally a gas station or fast-food restaurant (I'm guessing that because I don't think I've ever seen a church with a pay phone so prominently displayed out front). The congregation has apparently moved down the road a bit. The building is up for rent, if anyone feels energetic.

Bonus Sunday stuff:

The Towne Cinema has (apparently) been used for other things besides movies since the '70s (though any solid info is really hard to find), but in a move that's catered to dorks like me, they've kept the awesome sign.

Doing a Lexis-Nexis search on the property indicates that it's been used as a restaurant, music club, dance studio, and martial arts place -- just within the last five years or so. At any rate, they're doing a good job of keeping it up.

It's located in Avondale Estates, an odd little place that I don't know much about. A stretch of buildings is done up in Tudor Revival style, like this, that brings to mind the '70s ski villages of my youth. Then it goes back to strips of television repair shops.

This same style is scattered about parts of Atlanta -- there's one very strange and eye-catching house (?) a few blocks away from me -- but this is the only sustained use of the style that I know about. I dunno if someone went nuts for Tudor a few decades back, or what.

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