Friday, May 25, 2007

Wait, "Torque"?

Recovering from last night, I went into a panic when I couldn't find my wallet this morning. Not in any of the usual places, not in the jeans on top of the laundry pile. Went back to the bar, they didn't have it -- and needless to say, memories are rather fuzzy of the end to the festivities.

I was all set to cancel all my cards, when I noticed something a bit odd: the shirt I was wearing last night appeared to be missing. While I may have been a bit nutty, I was pretty sure I came home wearing a shirt. I checked again -- lo and behold, I'd been looking in the wrong jeans. For some reason, when I undressed, I hid last night's clothes at the very bottom of the pile.

I need a personal handler or something.

* * *

#24 -- "In Siberia" by Colin Thubron

I've had this for years, but put it off, knowing I was gonna love it. Does that make sense? It's the third of his loosely-connected books about the former Soviet Union -- like this one.

Thubron travels throughout Siberia (surprise!), and the result is as haunting, as beautiful as "Lost Heart" was. It's not happy travel writing -- Siberia seems left behind by post-Soviet Russia, its residents tragic, its history horrific. But it's still amazing.

I've read enough travel literature that it takes a lot to impress me -- at this point, I'm comfortable in saying that Thubron consistently rises above the crowd.

* * *

Seriously, "Torque"?

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Tapeleg said...

Yes, Torque. The same shit that asauleted me last night here in Appleton, WI. Yes, and you know what? You deserve it. You deserve to be in Atlanta having to sit through a screening of Torque (which I had never heard of until last night), drunk off your ass, because you are not drinking Czechvar in Denver, CO, watching the Stanley Cup Finals with me at the most glorious hockey bar in the world. And because you work in television. Vile, awful stuff. Worse than theater.

Also, I thought I was going to be passing through ATL this week, and was sidetracked at the last minute, so I am a little bitter that we did not get to go to the Vortex and drink Flying Dog ales all night.

PS. should have picked the Ducks.