Thursday, May 24, 2007


I was recently informed that I'm a class-A dork for being a fan of "The Prisoner," and having recently watched a few episodes, I kind of agree -- but the hell with it, it's fun. Add to that the hockey jerseys, plus the fact that I have a blog, and, well...

But I'm a lot less outward about it than I used to be. A post of Noah's brought back some memories of youthful convention-going -- sparsely-attended comic book cons in hotel conference rooms, where the guest of honor would be some guy who inked one issue of "Badger"... sparsely-attended record conventions where long-haired dudes would charge $20 for still-in-print SST vinyl. Both Colorado and Arizona were off the beaten path con-wise, so I never got to go to one of the big productions.

The all-time goofy champ? My friend Andy and I traipsed down to Denver to a Doctor Who con -- yeah, I was a big fan for a couple years -- where the guest of honor was Tom Baker's scarf. Nowhere near the giant production I'd imagined (I was thinking San Diego Comic Con), the gathering was in a warehouse down in one of the sketchier parts of Denver, back before urban renewal days, when the city was really heavy urban wasteland. It was about what you'd expect -- I hate to trade in stereotypes, but it was a bunch of fat graying ponytail people, lining up and walking reverently through a room, viewing the scarf in a box on a table. There was also some guy who had operated a camera for some episodes or something, just adding to the glamour.

Afterwards, we walked through the rubble of war-torn downtown Denver, and some old dude offered to box us before asking for money. We declined both.


Nanuk of the North said...

At the gym, there is a big white yoga ball. Every time I see it I think of The Prisoner. I have so far avoided mentioning this to anyone else because I'm about 99.9% sure I will be stared at like I'm a nut if I do.

Also, whenever I see it I want to yell "I am not a number! I am a free man!" Again, what would be the point, eh?

Tapeleg said...

The Prisoner, along with Twin Peaks, are the classic examples of why TV is evil. You could never do that sort of work these days. Not enough blood and sex, too much thinking.

And, while we are at it, you must remind me to send you the comic MegMegMeg did, staring yours truly, about the time her van was broken into in Columbus, OH. We have sold around 80, and are proud of that (in the copy and staple world).

Plus, hockey nerds rule, and anyone who tells you otherwise is a jack ass.