Saturday, May 12, 2007

I Guess You Think You're at the Movies

I've watched a whole bunch of movies lately. So why don't we discuss?

"Beerfest" -- Ok, I should probably be a bit ashamed of watching this, but it was a funny diversion at least. Not much else to say, really, it's freaking "Beerfest" -- you want actual analysis?

"American Hardcore" -- Good music, cool look back. A bunch of the old hardcore guys are really insufferable dorks, though. After the fifteenth 50-year-old guy telling you what a trailblazer he is, it gets kind of old.

"The Death of Mr. Lazarescu" -- Great performances, subtle humor, way too long. Movies about the mindlessness of bureaucracy shouldn't make you feel like you're in a Kafkaesque world yourself.

"Repo Man" -- One of my favorite movies from my teenage years, I haven't seen it in ages, and it had just been reduced to a bunch of one-liners bouncing around my mind. A friend recently warned that it wouldn't hold up. He was utterly wrong. One of the finest movies ever.

"What about our relationship??"

"Fuck that."

Pure excellence.


Brushback said...

"Repo Man" still remains one of my top 5 or 10 movies ever. Besides all of the fairly authentic L.A. punk rock references (it's almost funny now, how the Circle Jerks cameo was such a big deal back then), almost every character in the movie is a riot.

And, like you kinda said, the one-liners are cool.

Tapeleg said...

Really? Beerfest? Ashamed? Have you seen Super Troopers? Meow?

But, if you feel guilty, see Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead. Then , you will feel guilty for not embracing Beerfest.

gsdgsd13 said...

BB - The Circle Jerks cameo (and the great soundtrack) was the whole reason I initially rented the movie, at age 14 or whatever -- living in not just Boulder, but a suburb of Boulder, things like "Repo Man" and "Urgh! A Music War" were the only connections I had to the scary world of punk rock.

Tape - oh, I love "Super Troopers" (and in fact, just typing that makes me want to watch the opening scene again -- perhaps I will). But there's sort of a feeling they've been coasting since that. "Beerfest" was funny, and had a lot of great scenes, but it didn't make me hyperventilate the way ST did.

fredoluv said...

i was gonna ask for more Beerfest analysis, too. Maybe a line graph depicting actual laughs in ST, Club Dread, and BF or...

Give us more.

Still waiting on the Bertuzzi jersey pix..