Monday, April 16, 2007

Two Things I Do When Drunk

1) Text message. A few nights back, I cleaned out my text message inbox and sent folder before going out. The next morning I had 58 messages in my inbox and 70 in the sent folder. Most of these messages have a negligible literary value.

2) Cook. I woke up this morning to a full stomach and a frying pan filled with congealed butter and wilted onions -- I cooked pelmeni when I got home last night. At least I remember that. Once I woke up to find a bunch of dirty pans in the sink, empty food packages scattered about, and a delicious quiche in the fridge. I'd made it from scratch. And remembered none of it.


The Wall said...

You?? Surely you would NEVER send drunken texts. Just sayin.'

Nanuk of the North said...

On some level, I think 2) is a good thing, but I can't quite explain why.