Friday, April 27, 2007

Finally Figured It Out

It only took seven years here, but this year, I'm taking most of my vacation in the summer -- when it sucks here -- rather than in the spring and fall, when it's nice.

Some exotic destinations (Southeast Asia, Singapore) are getting put off 'til next year for a variety of reasons (time and money, mostly) -- instead, after a flurry of booking, I'm heading back to Colorado in June and then London in August. Since one of my closest friends now lives in London and another will be back there celebrating his birthday, it promises to be a Party with a capital P.

Wales may also be visited.


#17 -- "The Future of the Past" by Alexander Stille

Interesting little collection that's been sitting on my shelf for a while -- a collection of essays detailing the difficulties in conserving different forms of heritage (buildings, art, manuscripts, and oral tradition).

Stille traveled all over the world compiling this, and some of the essays are really fascinating. The highlight for me was a chapter on Somalia's oral poetry. It's both a story of tradition vs technology, as well as the political power of words. Chapters on China and Egypt are also really good.

Some of the other stories, in the end, are just office politics on a larger scale, and less interesting. All in all, Stille writes quite well, and if the description of the book sounds interesting to you, you'll probably like it.

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Evilsoc said...

Where in Wales are you thinking of going?

I Live in Wales. I just stumbled here a while ago 'cos I'm a Boulder loving, Avs supporting, fat tire worshipping welshman.