Sunday, April 01, 2007


As opposed to Sausagefest, which you find in any Atlanta bar on a Saturday night. (RIMSHOT!)

Some years back, I spent a summer working the early-morning stocking shift in a Boulder Barnes & Noble. I dearly hated stocking the diet books, which flew off the shelves, and thus needed to be replenished almost daily. I shared this with my mother, saying I was going to puke if I ever saw another copy of "The Zone Diet" -- she suggested (as I wasn't a terribly healthy eater) that perhaps I should try one of them out. I responded that I'd write my own -- "The Beer and Bacon Diet."

I never followed up that idea. But Friday, the Wall told me that she would be attending a BaconFest over the weekend. A BaconFest with BEER.

Left to right: The Wall, bacon, DJ Prey)

So yesterday, I headed down to Dad's Garage, joining the girls for bacon. And beer.

Recipe for a good time.

You'd be amazed how much bacon and beer you can consume, even as you're feeling yourself get unhealthier by the minute.


Celebrity sighting: that's Sir Francis Bacon there! The real thing, I'm presuming.

The Wall went to the bathroom, saying as she left "Don't put anything in my drink." Where I come from, that's a challenge.

Chicks dig the PPA, and kept on asking to have their photos taken with the famous blogger. Or something. She's wearing the Bac-ini, I shit you not. (Made with turkey bacon, she told us, if you want to make one at home.)

Don't ask me. I really have no clue.


Wall said...

Two words: Totally awesome said...

if i recall correctly, wall only told us to not rufie her beer. everything else is fair game, and totally her fault.

Jes GÅ‘lbez said...

MM, I'd love to eat a bac-ini off of my girlfriend some time...

Anonymous said...

Sir Francis Bacon salutes you for your patronage, though I have been officially dead for hundreds of years... fatback brings my scientific theoried arse back from the dead every time.
-Sir Francis Bacon, b.t.g.