Tuesday, April 03, 2007

All's Well

A few people have inquired -- yep, there was a shooting at/near my workplace today, but I wasn't involved in any capacity. I'm hale and hearty. Very weird scene though.

Back at work after four days off, four days of accomplishing nothing except for eating bacon and screwing up my internet. I learned a little something, too. Last week I did a two-day juice fast -- the "two-day detox" thing. I can now confirm that you shouldn't follow up the two-day detox with four days of indulging your every whim in the eating and drinking departments. My stomach feels like death.

Apropos of nothing -- a story that came back into my consciousness last week.

Late summer of 2003, I was in Croatia, taking a slow bus down the coast from Pula to Split. About two hours into the ride, there was a burst of Croatian that I couldn't understand -- and two words I could, "Johnny" and "Cash." Then they played one of his songs.

About a half-hour later, they did the same. Then another half-hour after that. It wasn't hard to figure out that something had happened, and given Cash's advanced age, it wasn't hard to guess what.

So all down the coast -- until the radio was turned off so that they could play a Tom Clancy movie dubbed into Croatian on the in-bus television set -- we heard the same news bulletin followed by the same song, every half-hour.

The song they chose to pay tribute to Cash, to sum up his life?

"Personal Jesus."


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