Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Technology 1, Greg 0

A couple weeks ago, I was hungover, drinking Bloody Marys and reading. Unable to concentrate on the words, I started text messaging friends. Most were "Having Bloody Marys! Join me!" -- but some friends are in other parts of the world, so THAT doesn't work.

I decided to message occasional commenter KWK, one of my oldest friends. Much of our friendship, over the years, has been built on football antipathy -- he cheers for the Oakland Raiders, which anyone from Colorado knows is just plain wrong.

So, I sent him a note, making unfounded, untrue and disgusting claims about a former Raiders quarterback. Seconds later, I got a note on my phone -- I'd sent the message to his landline, not the cell. Seconds after that, I got another note -- it had been delivered anyhow, successfully! Uh oh.

It wasn't until a subsequent e-mail that I learned exactly what happened next: his wife checked the voicemail first that day, to hear a robotic female voice saying "Ken Stabler likes little boys." His wife thought it was an obscene caller. Which, in a sense, it was. But not a random one.

I really long for the days of rotary phones.


alanah said...

Awesome. Though, and I've said this before, you really shouldn't be allowed to port your cell phone around when drinking.

It seldom turns out well.

brian ed sauer said...

that is SOOOO hilarious, especially because i know KWK, both as a friend and as someone who had to listen (on a daily basis) to his web browser start up on the Raiders homepage back when it obnoxiously announced: "Hi, I'm John Gruden. Welcome to Raiders.com!"

well done, D'Avis, well done.