Friday, March 02, 2007

New Day Rising

Thank God, my cold seems to be on the wane, after a few days of blowing my nose raw, disgusting legions of co-workers in the process. My nostrils look shattered today, red and torn-up -- you'd think I'd spent the last few days hoovering coke like the '80s Pittsburgh Pirates, but I swear, it's just improperly-draining sinuses.

Pleasant images, I know. Onward though: the latest "make life more interesting" plan is... homebrewing. You read right. It really does seem to have the most potential for comic misadventures.

Boulder, of course, had a pretty prevalent micro/homebrewing culture, one I only really briefly touched upon while I was there (a few trips to homebrewers' bashes, for all the wrong reasons).

In my grand tradition of half-assed projects, I've already bought a book ("Homebrewing for Dummies"), and made up a bunch of sample beer labels for friends (all firmly in the inside joke category, and thus not really worth posting). The project may end up stillborn, as I don't know if I actually even have room to do it (though, perhaps I could just, say, get rid of the washer and dryer). But if I do, get forward for wacky tales of self-poisoning and Tomas Kloucek jerseys that reek of sour beer. I'm having a mid-life crisis and I don't even live in the suburbs yet.

* * *

Just passed along by Fidel: an article on still-living PPA idol, Patrick Leigh Fermor. Sounds like he's gearing up to finish the third volume of the famous trilogy -- good news all around!


Satanella said...

I've been trying to sample a new Colorado microbrew for every Avs game, and it's amusing how many of them started out in basements. Good luck! If your brewing abilities match your literary prowess, you might just be the Ubermensch -- red nose notwithstanding.

gsdgsd13 said...

Thank you very much, though you may greatly overestimate my literary prowess! Perhaps I'll work my way up to a beer tribute to the great Avs of the past... not sure what kind of brew Valeri Kamensky would be.