Sunday, March 25, 2007

Break Down the Walls

I woke up to the sound of cheering this morning -- there's a marathon going on through the streets of Atlanta, and unbeknownst to me, the route runs right past my condominium. I stayed inside -- I figure the way you start dabbling in deviant behavior like marathons is through exposure to those already lost, so I spent a few hours doing nothing, leaving only when it was safe.

In the meantime, I indulged myself in something a bit pointless, that I've been contemplating lately: what's on your walls? How do people decorate, what does it reveal, etc.? I'll lose interest in this in a day, I'm sure, but in the meantime chronicled the current state of Greg's condo walls, early 2007.

Above the couch. The Rio Vista lithograph, two antique maps (Austria/Hungary, Bohemia and Moravia), and photos -- St. Petersburg, Morocco (not by me), Tirana.

Around the door. Left of door: good luck symbol from Singapore, replica street sign from Prague, old Ragusan emblem from Dubrovnik. Right: Scott Mutter poster. Not shown, farther to right, beyond the window: Slavia Praha soccer scarf, African mask.

Above the entertainment center. Czech flag. Note Thrashers puckhead.

Kitchen. Painted plate from Albania above the microwave -- photos of friends, family, Prague and Croatia on right wall.

Kitchen. Czech beer signs. Sparta Praha hockey scarf in the distance.

A familiar sight. Valeri Kamensky stick, Vladimir Ruzicka Litvinov exhibition jersey, Jaroslav Petruzalek HC Hvezda Brno jersey, Jiri Jelen IHC Pisek jersey.

Hallway. Colorado license plate, lithograph from Split, Croatia.

Where the magic happens. "Big Sleep" poster I've had since college, HC Velvana Kladno scarf. Yes, I have both a Thrashers puckhead AND foam finger. Actually, two foam fingers. You bet I'm single.

Sparse wall, above where my desk used to be. Hemingway poster, Mike Royko photo, Swedish ice hotel photo, quote, kitschy postcards. The vintage Majestic poster will go up here soon.

Autographed photos (l to r: Martin Straka, Radek Bonk, Milan Hejduk, Vladimir Ruzicka, Roman Cechmanek), calendar.

The bathroom. Photo of mountains west of Boulder, photo of Petr Tenkrat.

Ok, so this seems even more self-indulgent and silly after writing it, but what the hell. I didn't have anything else to write about. Probably more of an insight into my life than anyone wanted. As my friend MD said a few years ago, the first time she saw my place -- "you're definitely a bachelor." It hasn't changed much since then.


Brushback said...

Wow, that's a lot of cool shit you've got there. (And what does Ray Cappo have to do with any of it?)

I wouldn't mind decorating the place with all of my stuff like that, but alas, I'm married.

The wife does have a bunch of neat African and Asian-type stuff on the walls, from when she lived in Yemen, so at least that's one good thing.

gsdgsd13 said...

I just suck at writing post titles -- so when in doubt I default to hardcore references. In this case, it was... "Walls... 'Spray Paint the Walls'... 'Break Down the Walls!'"

Yeah, the reaction of every girl who's ever been over has indicated that if I ever get married, there will be a radical change in my decorations.

Yemen?? Very cool -- that's very high on the list of places I wanna go.

Brushback said...

"Spray! Paint! The! Walllss!" Yeah, I can see why you wouldn't want to use that one.

What about "Screaming At A Wall"? (Minor Threat)


Ice Cream Jonsey said...

Is that CO license plate a date? It seems to be but I can't decypher it totally.

gsdgsd13 said...

The CO license plate is MAR 7028. It expired 12/00 (requiring me to get Georgia plates, which remains among the top ten shittiest experiences of my life).

Anonymous said...

the hockey photo in the bathroom?

Nanuk of the North said...

As I scrolled down I got worried that I didn't see any hockey jerseys. But, then, there they were. What a relief!

gsdgsd13 said...

I'm well aware that we'd see a riot if I went too long without posting hockey jersey photos.