Saturday, February 03, 2007

Rough Waters

Uh oh. Operation: Pynchon is running into some roadblocks -- I'm a little over 500 pages in, and I'm wishing my half-joke-vow to take notes and keep an outline of the characters was, in fact, reality. I've already got two characters completely mixed up for a bit, and though another character was two different people at different times (though, this being Pynchon, perhaps that last bit is actually correct). I'm also losing my grip on some of the umpteen parallel plot threads.

And I'm not even halfway through the book yet.

Still, I soldier on. And with a week off work beginning tomorrow, I'll probably get it done. I just may emerge... changed.

My reading buddy has, I think, dropped out. The last I heard of it was a sort of distress call -- an "I can't do it!" before she was swallowed by the waves.

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