Monday, February 05, 2007

It Begins Now

Ok: the Super Bowl is out of the way, and a good fun game it was. I stuck with Colts fandom, though it was a dispassionate fandom. I wanted Manning and Dungy to win, but then I know many fine people who are Bears fans, and I want people to be happy, y'know? But then some dipshit who sat two seats down from me at the bar proved to be a Bears fan of the most annoying stripe -- "Da Bears" is funny once, but not 25 times BEFORE KICKOFF. You can imagine the rapture he went into when Devin Hester led off with the touchdown. I was praying for the guy to get gonorrhea by the time he and his whiny girlfriend finally departed.

I took a few notes in the lead-up to the game, but the practice got put aside as friends arrived and I had more beer. The notes are mostly incoherent or shameful now ("I like Ford Edge commercial -- self-loathing"), and without looking around I can guess that there's 100 million posts today on the televised Super Bowl experience, but I would bet I'm the only one out there who kept seeing the "XLI" on banners and reading it as "YDI."

Anyway. Football now firmly in the rear-view mirror, I can concentrate on productivity and the week ahead. I've been touting this week off (to myself) as the real beginning of 2007; January was a strange, cursed month, upsetting start to finish, and with all the hopes I set myself for this year (hopes, granted, similar to those I have at the start of every year), it's probably best to just reboot now. Start Today, if you will.

Cut to: scene of Greg in bar at noon

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