Monday, February 12, 2007

A Challenge, Atlanta

Go to Noche (Virginia and Highland) on a Sunday night ($2 Dos Equis night) and see which of the following seems most appealing by comparison:

* Islamic theocracy

* neutron bomb

* never leaving the house again

It's like being in a production of "Blue Velvet" cast entirely with the retarded. I'm generally pretty laid-back, if a bit grumpy, so it's a rare experience to go to a place and start fantasizing about punching everyone else in the head.



Nanuk of the North said...

Wow. That's grouchy.

Anne said...

Please- try a Gastonia Wal-Mart on a Saturday afternoon, and you have to wonder if the Taliban wasn't on to something.

nick said...

it's not really that grouchy. i get that way around a lot of atlanta's bar scene, too.

Anonymous said...

You'd hate Cleveland.