Thursday, January 04, 2007

Reminder to Carry Camera

There's a big Christian convention in town right now, and the daily drive into work has been clogged by pedestrian traffic.

Not sure if it motivated one guy to come out: outside the Hooters on Peachtree the other day, this little old man was brandishing a sign on a pole, reading "97% of churchgoers go to Hell anyway" or something to that effect.

In itself, not so remarkable -- this is Georgia, after all. But this little wizened old dude was wearing a flamboyant purple hat and an even more flamboyant (flamboyanter?) pair of purple pants.

Draped over his arm, looking dreamily into his ear, was one of the Hooters girls.

I'll never know the full story of what was going on at that corner, and I'm a little poorer for it.


Nanuk of the North said...

Perhaps he was a vision, a glimpse into your future...

Brushback said...

I think the full story is, guys in purple get chicks.

Jes GÅ‘lbez said...

Where the fuck is the photo evidence?

gsdgsd13 said...

Why is blogger no longer notifying me when I get comments? Why?

If, at age 70 or whatever the dude's age was, I'm wearing purple pants and getting Hooters girls -- I'll be pretty content with the way I've lived my life.