Saturday, January 13, 2007

On Writing

I've been writing (offline) a bit more during the still-fairly-new year, so the various difficulties inherent in it are a bit forefront in my mind. And yesterday, a chance conversation proved revealing: perhaps laying out for me the cause of a problem.

I ran into my friend Michael in a parking lot, and talked about some of his film projects -- he's done some short film work. Screenwriting and my literary aspirations came up, naturally, and somewhere in there a light went on.

I've been writing for television now for ... six years or so. I've previously noted to myself that it's affected me by hammering home the lesson of brevity. But something I haven't considered -- I've also become accustomed to writing alongside images. I'm used to not needing to put color in, not needing to describe the visuals of a scene. And that shows through in the fiction.

The novel I was writing when I moved out here was lousy, but it was very visual -- everything was described (a bit too much). Now? Just the opposite. In the most recent serious attempt, one chapter had a bit of description, the rest almost wholly without. The other day I sat down and wrote two chapters of something else that had been pushing at my mind -- not bad stuff, but absolutely no description. What do the characters look like? What sort of setting are they living in? No clue. I'm visualizing these scenes in my mind as I write -- but when they're on paper, that info stays with me.

So it's another barrier to overcome, but recognizing it feels sorta liberating. It would've been more liberating if I'd gone home last night and started writing, but you can't have everything, y'know?


Anonymous said...

I saw this sad snowman yesterday -- where is it?

gsdgsd13 said...

Sad Snowman's on Highland Avenue, in the parking lot just north of the Highland Inn (on the side of the vegetarian restaurant there).

Anonymous said...

hmmm...I think I saw another one. Perhaps somewhere around Reynoldstown.

Brushback said...

"I've been writing for television now for ... six years or so"

Somehow, I didn't know this.

Wow, a paid writing job.

Anonymous said...

weird...i thought i'd commented on this. i blame the dum word verification system.

can you send me a high-res photo of the snowman? its awesome.

gsdgsd13 said...

Hood -- It makes me really, really happy to know there may be a fleet of Sad Snowmen around Atlanta.

Brush -- the downside is that I no longer have any sort of soul. I sorta kept any mention of the job details quiet for a long time because I'd read too many horror stories of FIRED BLOGGERS, but I think I'm probably safe.

Fredo -- it hopefully just went over.