Saturday, January 06, 2007

Loose Ends

Spurred on by an e-mail from reader Randall, discussing the 442 Cain St. building, I actually did a little research on another old favorite -- this oddball building on Moreland and Eastland.

And -- I actually discovered its origins.

It's an old C&S (Citizens & Southern) Bank, built in 1965. I'm not sure it went under, but I'm guessing mid-1980s, as C&S was pretty much no longer a going concern by 1990 (history here).

In the 1990s, some property records show another owner, with a spa or therapy center of some sort having that address. But that business seems long gone, if it ever actually operated there, and now the building just sits there, empty and alone.

There's a couple sites with more in-depth photos than I was able to take out there. For your viewing pleasure:

Cached photo album

Page at Docomomo Georgia

* * *

Another loose end: remember the "bet" with my old pal Kynan, over whether the Buccaneers or Raiders would score more points this season? It sort of drifted out of my consciousness, since watching either team was like watching colorectal surgery this season. But with the NFL regular season over, it's time to tally up:

The Buccaneers are clear winners, if you can call this "winning." We never really set what exactly we were betting, and in fact I sort of instituted this challenge without asking Kynan beforehand. Nonetheless, I can't imagine that he'll argue if I say, retroactively, that we bet $1,000 on it. Cool?

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Anonymous said...

Sigh. You're right. You "win." But how about instead of a thousand bucks, how about I just not kill you the next time I see you?

I'm sorry, I shouldn't have replied while I'm hungover in the Salt Lake City airport.